Thursday, January 3, 2008

Make Cheney and Bush act like the Dictators they are!

I take information for this post from a few different sources...
1) The Nader video below... "Bush/Cheney are so impeachable..."
2) Alex Jones Show where Michael Rivero shared that the best tactic right now for liberty is to make the Dictators look like the Dictators they indeed are.

Direction to take: Make Bush and Cheney look like the dictators they are...if politicians are afraid of impeachment because of the prospect that the Bush/Cheney administration would impose martial law...then we MUST NOT ACT IN FEAR and push for impeachment hearings NOW!!!
If the president does impose Martial Law then they will clearly expose themselves as true dictators and will serve to wake up millions of Americans at once. This of course would be the worst case scenario..? Perhaps a toss up with in-fact having these tyrants impeached.

You decide. Want to move towards Wexler (see previous post) and call and write your congressmen.