Sunday, January 6, 2008

Boycott Fox Sponsors

Fox censors Ron Paul and denies participation in 01/06/08 debate.
How can you respond? Boycott their sponsors...links embedded (thank you
It is not enough to just stop using their products, you need to tell them why!
Write them a letter, call them or email them letting them know that as a sponsor to the Fox Network, which censured Ron Paul in a recent debate you will in return boycott their sponsorship of Fox as long as they continue to advertise on their network. Ask them for a news release to announce that they have stopped all advertising on Fox, and at this time you will again buy their products. Sample letter:

I am writing to say that as a supporter of the First Amendment/Free Speech, I will be boycotting _____ and all of _____ products until _____ has stopped all advertising on the Fox network and _____ has published a press release stating that they have stopped all on-air and on-line advertising on the Fox Network in response to the censorship of Ron Paul during the January 6th debates in New Hampshire.

Furthermore, I will blog this information further spreading the news of those who support liberty and freedom encouraging participation in these boycotts.

The Boycotts include any direct or indirect purchase of ____ products and stock purchase, common or options, and the encouragement to remove ____ products from inventory and displays. My local store manager will be contacted and told that I, my family and friends will not be buying the ____ products for said reasons until said action is taken place.

Please recognize that this due to Fox's actions and any boycott of your products will be lifted upon your removal of any support, especially that of advertising towards the Fox network.

In action for justice,
(Your Name)

An awesome way to vote with your Dollars!