Friday, December 21, 2007

A New 911 Commission

If you live in New York or know anyone in New York, PLEASE sign this initiative to obtain an honest, independent investigation of 9/11. Here is the process:
Step 1)
30,000 petition signatures of NYC registered voters will need to be collected, then submitted to the Board of Elections.
Step 2) The Board then submits the ballot initiative to NYC City Council. City Council can accept the ballot initiative or reject it. If they reject it, we can return to the people of New York City for an additional 15,000 petition signatures which will then override the Council's decision. Or, better yet, write your council members and stay tuned as to when they will discuss the measure at the public meeting.

WHY: A measure on the ballot allows registered New York City voters to create a New 911 INDEPENDENT Commission chosen by independent researchers, not the government. This is what we need. So please do this if you or someone you know is in NYC. If you are new to the idea that "9/11 was an inside job", then please review The Top 40 Reasons to Doubt the "Official Story" of 9/11 and the rest of
I recently asked the nyc911initiative group about the latest news and
how people can help, this is their reply...

"...The project is going mainstream, professional and international,
now run by the reknowned Dr. William Pepper. Les Jamieson will
still be in charge of volunteers and collection of signatures; there
are just more people on board as the project morphs. The ballot
will occur in September of 08 and the investigation will start in
January of 09.

The project has been renamed Justice for 911 Heroes and Victims,
and will focus on the plight of the First Responders, who are suffering
both in health and financially directly because the Administration is
sticking to its impossible theory.

The Commission and methods remain the same.

The new site will be up immediately- though we've been saying that
for weeks. It will probably be at the address

I will let you know when it goes up.

peace, truth & justice,

Natasha Millikan
Justice For 911 Heroes and Victims"